Personal Development

Personal Development 

Sometimes we feel stuck in life and don’t know exactly what the “real” issue might be. We just have a nagging sense that something isn’t quite right, and we would like the space and time to work out what that might be. The most common issues are such as:

  • Dealing with relationship problems in family or workplace
  • Changing patterns of negative thinking
  • Coping with low mood, depression or anxieties 
  • Improving  self-esteem
  • Dealing with difficult or painful childhood issues or traumatic experiences 
  • Processing loss, bereavement, divorce, illness etc.
  • Finding meaning and true purpose in life
  •   Wanting to be more authentic 

Therapists are trained to create a safe space where you can explore what you really think or feel and how you experience others. Of course this doesn’t happen over night – particularly if you are used to focus on other’s people’s needs and have “unlearned” to listen to the little voice inside. Sometimes this might become a habit so that we even “forget” what our own needs are. Thinking and speaking about your own truth might first feel quite unsettling. However can be cathartic and healing to do so in the safe container which psychotherapy provides. You don’t need to take care of your therapist or worry how they’re going to respond. You won’t be judged, “told off” or convinced otherwise. It is YOUR space to explore wherever you want to go. The role of the therapist is the one of a guide, someone who carries the lamp so that you can look at things and decide if they are still true for you or if it’s time to let go of some. Therapy can help identify those factors – both internal and external – that are holding you back from being authentic and your true self

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