Looking for cb antenna install motorhome ? ... Topic: Which is better antenna/mount for a motorhome? The CB ground plane on my 43' fiberglass motorhome stinks. Find great deals on eBay for rv antenna mount and rv tv antenna mount. 4. When it comes to CB radio, size matters. 5. I can connect antenna ground to motorhome frame January 5, ... there's an amateur radio transceiver installed in my RV. There is no need to attempt to connect the ground plane to any other metallic structure or to a real ground rod. So where do I mount a CB antenna for the best reception? And if you have solar panels on your roof, be careful with antenna placement to not cast shadows on the panels. Anything less than 2:1 is fine. If they didn't install the mount so that ... , A Fire Stick should have a build in ground plane if it was designed for a fiber glassed motorhome. > 1. Here you can find the latest products in different kinds of cb antenna install motorhome. Installing amateur radio in an RV. Free, expedited shipping from Right Channel Radios. Has never worked correctly. Consider a top loaded, no ground plane antenna and as long of an antenna as you are comfortable with. CB Antennas for RV's Compliments ... and ground it to your vehicle chassis and antenna mount. This is the ubiquitous Winegard crank-up antenna found on virtually any RV with a TV. > 3. Some of them really flipped out when I told them they would have to drill a hole in their fender to install the antenna. We just bought a 28 Class C motorhome and I want to install a docking station for my Sportster. Make contacts note the signal level and ask them where they are located. It Posted By: ghamblen on 08/04/09 04:48pm I have surfed around and can't find much info on CB installations using a ladder mount. 3. Reception and sound quality of primary importance. Quote:> Looking to install a CB in the motorhome. Run the engine and check for any engine electrical interference. Any ideas on what's the best antenna to use? Obstacles on the Roof - Try to have at least a couple inches of space between different antennas. An RV package that includes everything you need for a quality CB and antenna installation ... RV & Motorhome Learning Center; About Us; Some RV owners install their HF antennas on the rear ladder. Posted By: Mike Schriber on 09/17/07 04:52pm My Dad has a Trail Lite Class B+ motorhome based on a Chevy van chassis. I am new to this forum, so forgive my basic question. When you are all done, check the antenna with an SWR meter or an antenna analyzer. Looking for cb antenna install motorhome ? The roof Which is better antenna/mount for a motorhome? Mount the antenna and run a short heavy ground wire to the frame. Here you can find the latest products in different kinds of cb antenna install motorhome. Newmar factory no longer offers one since their supplier went out of business. I'm not a radio guru but I've worked with a number of CB installs. View and Download Tiffin Motorhomes 2015 Phaeton owner's manual online ... Related Manuals for Tiffin Motorhomes 2015 Phaeton. It will work best with the one connection in the center, at the antenna. CB Ground Plane With Fiberglass Body? eHam.net Article: My Motorhome Installation of a Screwdriver Antenna - WB2LOU's setup may be ideal for the traveling ham! > 2. Find great deals on eBay for rv cb antenna and magnet cb antenna. There are a few tricks and things to remember when you install a CB radio and antenna in your RV, or upgrade an existing system. Connect a large wire from the antenna ground to the nearest frame location which for me was under the rig. Price unimportant. I have a class A coach and use a 4' antenna mounted on the driver's side above the driver's window. Shop with confidence. Which would be the best antenna for a 32 ft Class A motorhome with a rubber roof. I need a new CB antenna to install on the top of my motorhome. A minimum of 2/3 the antenna height should be above the coach roof line. 6. Complete CB radio and antenna solutions for RVs and Motorhomes. - eHam.net is Antenna Ground Planes for RV Use with Antennas & Mobile Cellular Boosters ... are ideal for RV use come ... from his chapter on 'Antennas and Installation'. Avoid having omni directional antennas hidden behind obstacles that can block your signal (like air conditioners).