Hi, I have a parent div with height: auto. The problem occurs when you set a percentage height on an element who's parent elements don't have heights set. Abstract. If But what if you dont know the dimensions of the parent, or dont want to maintain the pixels twice on both parent and absolute child? Bootstrap, a sleek, intuitive, and powerful mobile first front-end framework for faster and easier web development. I have the page structure as: Now, the child-left DIV will have more content, so the parent DIV's height increases as per the child DIV. In this div, there are two other divs. I have also tried to say the the div child have an absolute position (left:0px;top:0px;bottom:0px;) but then text from the parent div gets over it. Web Design I''m using one parent Div Tag. whenever you use float:left in a parent DIV (without fixing height) it doesn't show the height. Why doesn't the container div expand vertically when its childs are filled with contents. expand child div within parent div (width:100%) Toggle ... middle div to expand width-wise and I am having trouble getting the navigation div to expand height-wise. 2. You are aware of hte min-height property right? Hi, I am trying to display the child element in the DOM, while hiding the parent using JS and CSS, however I cannot find a way to do this. Lets add another child box in this example. Collapsing Divs or Why is My Div Height 0 (zero)? Many front end developers have been stumped by this dilemma before. I would like the scrollbar to be at the page level. Edit #2 There is a jQuery plugin called equalHeight that accomplishes this pretty easily. ... the container div does not expand ... it won't have a height. If the parent div did not have the position CSS proerty set in this case, then it would align with the bottom of the page. Loading child nodes on demand ('lazy loading') Dynatree supports delayed loading of tree nodes, which means we read the child nodes only when their parent is expanded. Note: The height property does not include padding, ... Inherits this property from its parent element. So for example: Action Description; append: Adds the supplied content to the target as a first or last child, as determined by the position attribute. so you should use "Float:left" I'm right? I have a set of elements inside a parent element. Only problem is that the section on the right won t The height is not calculated at all. Check out my post 100% height using jQuery for more information about it. If I specify a fixed height on the parent div I can make the child div expand ok - but the layout needs to be fluid and the height can not be fixed - so this option does not work for me. One with an icon, one with some text in it. What is the easiest way to make the parent #container div automatically adjust height when the inner #child contenteditable div exceeds the Inside of it I have a div which is set to be 15% width, 100% height (not working) and float:left. parent is fixed width and child that expands is full scr It's almost like a fixed height but it will expand. Parent divs not expanding to height of child div content - posted in HTML, CSS and Javascript: Hello Codecall, Im having a little bit of trouble with this page Im building out. I have these 2 images on the left and some information about the 2 images on the right. You are, in effect, asking the browser to calculate a height from an undefined value. These divs both have height: auto as well so the text mainly decides how large the parent di This CSS module defines a two-dimensional grid-based layout system, optimized for user interface design. The height property sets the height of an element. Height in percent when parent has min-height and no height When trying to force an element to always extend to the height of its parent I ran into some peculiar browser behaviour that I thought was worth mentioning. The parent div remains the parent but does not extend to contain its floated children. The iframe's width changes when resizing the parent, which causes lines to wrap and the content inside the iframe to expand vertically. For some reason (Im sure its relatively simple? The parent element's height can change (it will be changed by some jQuery files). This problem arises when the Child elements of a Parent Div are floated. These three child div tags can be expanded or collapsed. When you have a parent div with only floated child elements inside, how do you give the parent element the height of the floated child elements? Well call these elements grandparent (large box), parent and child (small box). A parent container with height: auto and flex-direction: column was not expanding properly in height when a child element had flex: 1 applied and enough contents to fully expand in height. I would like for the parent div to expand in height when the inner div's height increases. But the I have 2 divs, on which is set to be 60% width but no setting for the height, this is the parent. Inside the parent div tag i''m using three child div tags. I would like the scrollbar to be at the page level. Edit: One problem is that if the width of the child content expands past the width of the browser window, my current CSS puts a horizontal scrollbar on the parent div. Configuring your div elements to the same height on your web page is a fairly simple task to accomplish with the help of a few lines of JavaScript code. Currently my parent div is set to Child div positioned top right of parent and parent bottom left. I have a situation where I need to expand invisible block on hover of parent block. Best Answer: I can answer... #child1 & #child2 is left & right. In other words, the parent elements have a default height: auto;.