1. Bad Crank Seal?? This is a discussion on Signs of a bad crank seal ... That makes sense Mhawk,I have noticed a little fuel in the crankcase ... 2 stroke bad crank seal symptoms, Thanx Can a bad crank seal cause rough idle in a mercury outboard boat motor ... Cracked and leaking lines will give the same symptoms as a bad crank seal. ... Yamaha 2-Stroke . It's like the leak is so small that it won't produce any bubbles ... how to pressure test 2 stroke crankcase, What is 2-Stroke pressure testing? Yamaha 2-Stroke . Think Thats it!!!!! On a 2-stroke the crancase is ... CRANKCASE (TWO-STROKE) A high-revving 2-stroke engine with a significant air leak, ... the fuels and pressures of the crankcase, ... Air leak fables. A crankcase air leak is a problem many pro saw engines have at some point in their life. I have been searching the this forum and found several post discussing the symptoms of a bad crank seal. Crank seal bad? If I have a leak in my lower crankshaft seal what would the symptoms be??? Accurate determination of primary compression ratio of crankcase. Vacuum leaks, crank seal leaks, Two stroke vacuum ... all symptoms of a vacuum leak!!!! Dirtbike Tech Finding Dangerous Air Leaks: ... An air leak will usually produce some fairly recognizable symptoms. The two-stroke internal combustion engine was once common in many applications. I got the same smoke and it smells like motor oil not 2-stroke oil ! Crank seals are the only thing i didn`t replace ! I don't think I have ever seen a leak from the center seams of the crankcase. Would bad crank seals on a 2 stroke? Any experiences? This video is about Changing 2 Stroke Crank Seals. Please write in again, tell me 2 or 4 stroke, ... a vacuum leak and make it run really crappy. Crank seal bad? 2 Stroke World The ... How to identify a leaky crank seal? ... CRANKCASE (TWO-STROKE) ... An air leak in a 2-stroke engine will cause a lean condition in ... system leaving the radiator cap on will hide symptoms ... no to the first question because crankcase oil would get drawn into your fuel mix and stop you dead I am guessing it is quite straightforward spliting the crankcase and changing the bearings and seals on ... worn crank seals - Vacuum leak? ... Lower Crankshaft seal bad?? Finding the Crankcase Compression Ratio . A bad crankcase seal can cause those symptoms on a two-stroke also. Troubleshooting An Air Leak. ... How a crankcase induction 2 stroke engine works (The importance of the crankcase) - Duration: 11:09. If your 2 stroke engine has a very fast idle or erratic idle it could be due to an air leak. Dirtbike Tech Finding Dangerous Air Leaks: ... An air leak will usually produce some fairly recognizable symptoms. Replacing 2-stroke engine Crankshaft Seals An often overlooked item on 2-stroke motorcycles is ... Optimal crankcase pressure is a major factor of a 2- How do bad crank seals (left or right side) affect a two stroke?