Why Psychotherapy?

I believe that we come into this world not only unique but also perfectly well. In the course of our lives we may encounter situations, people and events which can lead us to the believe that something is wrong with us and we start to suffer since we develop defences and those wrong believes. Whereas in fact our uniqueness and wellbeing is just shrouded through those wrong believes and initiates a vicious circle of self fulfilling prophecies

In the old days there was an oral tradition of storytelling. This was the very first way of communicating life experiences and the creative imagination. We are grasping the ‘moral of the story’ more easily since it speaks not only to our everyday consciousness – but also to our unconscious. For children stories are like medicine: they can teach, heal and ignite imagination. For grown ups it can also be very healing to tell your story. The therapist bears witness to what happened in your life – in a compassionate and non- judgmental way. Having your story heard affirms what has happened to you and the process of therapy offers the opportunity to process that and to integrate it. It may be the first time you are putting into words what happened to you. Painful thoughts and feelings can be articulated out loud – and there can be a freedom in expressing what previously felt inexpressible, unforgivable or unthinkable.This helps to distance yourself from what happened and becoming less identified with the events and the feelings surrounding them, and more at peace with yourself. If you have endured traumatic experiences, describing what happened helps you to understand and can lead to healing those old wounds. It also helps to identify themes and scripts that have been running and re-running throughout your life. Gaining insight and more understanding can enable you to make better choices in your life since instead of following the script that someone else has written for you, you‘ll become the author of your life.

Psychotherapy might help with the following issues:

• Depression and crisis  situations
• Dealing with traumatic events
• Anxiety and panic attacks
• Relationship Issues, divorce
• Grief, abandonment, divorce, bereavement
• Physical, sexual or emotional abuse
• Personality disorders
• Dysfunctional families
• Co-dependancy
• Intergenerational Trauma
• Wish for a more fulfilling life